Here you can find links to all of my blog posts from my time in Peru, which was the beginning of my blogging!

POSTS (In order of date):

-Blog beginngings: 1, 2, 3

Initial Impressions
Food Review: Haiti restaurant, Inca Kola
School Orientation (PUCP through IU Abroad Program)
Cultural Notes 101
Lima Sightseeing
Lima Eats…5 food/restaurant reviews!
Class “Shopping” & week 1 on Campus
Food Review: La Lucha Sanguchería Criolla
The Lost Weekend & Final Enrollment
A Long Weekend & Lúcuma Gelato
Food Review: Street Food!
Mid-week Update & Cultural Notes 102
Peru vs. Jordan
Out of Control Sweet tooth…and Arabic Food Round 2!
Arabian Nights
Mistura Part 1: Ambiance
Mistura Part 2.1: What I ate-Savory Edition!
Mistura Part 2.2: What I ate-Sweet Edition!
Mistura Part 3: Food Porn (God, that title invited some unpleasant google associations. Mistakes, people. Mistakes.)
Weekend Wrap-up and a Trip to the Zoo
A Week of Mini-Adventures
Weekend Wrap-up: Birthday Parties and Night Life
Blog Things
Becky and the Terrible, Horrible,No-Good, Very Bad Day(s)
Back from the Dead
The White City: A Visit to Arequipa
Postponing Posts
El Misti
Midterms and Birthdays
Peruvian Junk Food
Weekend wrap up: Koreans and a Cough
Breaking the Scales: Empanada Obsession and Peruvian Fast Food Chicken
Throwback Thursday: Cajamarca, Peru!
-Throwback Thursday: Cajamarca, Peru, part two.

TO-DO LISTS–these used to be their own pages, but I moved them given the new layout for my blog:

My Lima top 30:


1) Eat Ceviche Read about it!
2) Eat Lomo Saltado   Read about it!
3) Eat Anticucho (bull’s heart on a stick)…Preferably from La Tía Grima’s street cart. Read about it!
4) Try a Pisco Sour Read about it!
5) Attend Mistura-Peru’s huge, world-renowned food festival in September. Read (1) All (2) About (3) It! (4)
6) Eat at Haiti  Read about it!
7) Eat Chifa (Peruvian Chinese Takeout)
8) Eat at El Cordano (est. 1905, has fed apparently most of Peru’s Presidents)–Completed (But didn’t get a post)
9) Try Lúcuma ice cream (an Andean fruit) Read about it!
10) Eat at either Norky’s or Bembos–two fastfood chains I am seeing ALL over the place (&Norky’s always smells amazing)–Completed (But didn’t get a post)


1) Visit the Plaza de las Armas (Plaza Mayor)  Read about it!
2) Visit Cerro San Cristobal (highest point in Lima) on a clear day to take pictures of the city
3) Visit el Circuito Mágico del Agua Read about it!
4) Visit the Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) in Barranco Read about it!
5) Go to el Barrio Chino (Chinatown)
6) Hangout in LarcoMar–an uber-expensive cliffside mall. Check, but it’s an ongoing thing


1) Go to a Peña (performance of Peruvian folk music/dancing)
2) Take a surfing lesson
3) Go to a soccer match!
4) See the changing of the guards at the Plaza de las Armas–Completed (But didn’t get a post)
5) Visit El Museo Larco Read about it!
6) Visit El Museo Nacional de Antropología, Arqueología e Historía del Perú Read about it!
7) Visit el Museo de Arte de Lima
8) Visit the Monasterio de San Francisco & take a tour of the catacombs–Completed (But didn’t get a post)
9) Visit el Museo de la Nación
10) Visit the Galería Lucía de la Puente (contemporary art museum) in Barranco
11) Go Paragliding!
12) People-watch in El Parque Kennedy–Completed (But didn’t get a post)
13) Go for a walk along the beach–Completed (But didn’t get a post)
14) Go dancing- and I do mean dancing, not fist-pumping in a bar.–Completed (But didn’t get a post)

My Peru Top 15:

The Big 5:

1) Go to Macchu Picchu/Cusco
2) Go to Arequipa…and hike up one of the local volcanoes.
3) Go to Lake Titicaca
4) Go to Iquitos/the Amazon
5) Go to Nazca (&Fly over the Nazca lines!)


1) Eat Cuy (aka Guinea Pig–Could also be accomplished in Lima, but I’d rather get it from the source.)
2) Hold a sloth (seems to be a popular tourist thing in the Amazon)
3) Go to Cajamarca
4) Eat churros Check!
5) Photograph an amazing sunrise
6) Photograph an amazing sunset
7) Pet a llama and/or alpaca
8) Learn Peruvian dances
9) Go sandsurfing in Huacachina, or elsewhere
10) Go somewhere off the beaten track, aka underrated destinations:)

Share your thoughts!

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