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Shutupdate #4

I’ve got a few minutes before I have to go setup for my next class, so I thought now would be time for a good, casual update.


At 6 AM on Friday, the Holy Day, when (almost) everyone sleeps in. Quietest I have ever seen Kasr al-Aini.

1) I’m starting to accrue a larger number of casual photos from my time in Cairo on my laptop that need to be edited and shared. Nothing major, but some small adventures like Al-Azhar park, a Sudanese wedding drop-in, and a walk I finally made myself take around my local haunts at dawn (avoiding masses of cars and people for some unusual Cairo calm.)

2) Related note, need to do that soon, because April and possibly part of May are going to be full of adventures at last! A break in class time means I’m planning to explore some of Egypt, FINALLY, and a friend of mine I used to work with at the restaurant back home is feeling adventurous and decided to hop over to Egypt and join me. This will be exciting. And probably exhausting. And therefore I need to clear some space on my camera/laptop.

3) I got some meaaaaan stomach bug last week and it took me out. I only missed one day of work, but I was physically sick a couple of times and feeling iffy all week. Then I woke up Friday feeling right as rain…except that nasty head cold that moved in and is currently plaguing me. This is my THIRD cold since 2016 started. Just 2016! And probably my 6th or 7th since moving to Egypt. What gives?!


Sudanese FEAST. Even more food couldn’t fit into all of my photos (or on the table!)

4) Last weekend my boss had everyone in the Adult Education Program (plus a few administration workers) over to her home for some absolutely amazing food. She cooked lots of Sudanese/pan-Arab dishes like stuffed vegetables, some CRAZY delicious chicken thighs, eggplant dishes, meatballs, samosas, and more. It was an insane amount of food–and then there was dessert. And then dessert #2! I left a little rounder, and a lot happier after a few hours of laughter and talk.

5) Hold on, how are we already halfway through March!? I have two more weeks before final exams…hope my students are ready to study hard because I may or may not have written some tough tests. Again….

Earn it, I guess?

Cheers for now all!


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