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Shutupdate #3

You know, I really thought I had written an update before now. I’m pretty sure it was January 4 yesterday and I just got back to Cairo. Where is the time going?!

In any case, as a general rule my life is now back in a cycle of gym, home for food, work, home for food/sleep, but I’ve made a few attempts here and there to get out and about some more–or at least do work in the presence of other people so I can clock some social time. But onto the flash updates…

AUC New Campus--those buildings are actually impressively tall.

AUC New Campus–those buildings are actually impressively tall.

  1. In mid-January I was able to attend the NileTESOL conference held at the American University of Cairo, in the new campus about an hour+ outside of actual Cairo. The campus was far more beautiful than I expected (albeit SO FREAKING COLD) but, more importantly, I felt like I learned SO MUCH about how to improve my teaching and classroom interaction skills. I also learned that apparently in Egypt, even if you’re a teacher, you still think it’s fine to be talking on your phone or to each other WHILE YOU ARE IN A LECTURE. Ugh. Regardless, it was 2 days of nerding-out and feeling really inspired to be a better teacher for me.
  2. Translates roughly to "The EXTREMELY hungry caterpillar"

    Translates roughly to “The EXTREMELY hungry caterpillar”

    I also attended Cairo’s international book fair earlier this month, which showcased dozens of tents and stalls selling new and used books in Arabic and other languages. I didn’t purchase anything since I’ve still got books on my kindle/a free library at work to utilize, but I did see some things like the above storybook which just made me happy. And I got to browse books for hours. WIN.

  3. Yeah, yeah, from my pinterest...get over it.

    Yeah, yeah, copied from my Instagram…get over it.

    Table of Heaven

    Table of Heaven–this was BEFORE the chocolate caramel cake from angels arrived, too!

    I’m currently doing a Whole30 challenge, but I did the unspeakable and took a cheat day last Thursday to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s day with coworkers and friends. It was sugar-themed, so everyone brought a dessert–or some AMAZING bread–and I made some chocolate chunk/ pomegranate oatmeal cookies, featured above. They were pretty legit. The brownies were legit. The peanut-butter dip was legit. The chocolate cake with caramel sauce…yeah you get the idea. I went a little overboard and stuffed my face. Sorry not sorry, Whole30.

  4. Ice-cream truck in Cairo! I love it.

    Ice-cream truck in Cairo! I love it.

    The weather here has very suddenly taken a turn for the warmer, but despite this, I have caught YET ANOTHER cold. That must be like…my 5th one since coming to Egypt? (And 2nd this semester!) Ridiculous. To be fair, I get one pretty much annually in February, but I’ve definitely gotten over the whole ‘sniffling’ thing so if this could just go away now…that’d be great. Luckily my medical parents sent me back with a box of jumbo Mucinex pills and cough drops.

  5. Tried to utilize BINGO in the classroom yesterday. Highly amusing…especially because no one had ever played before. But, better than another boring grammar lesson!


Annnnd that’s all for this one, kiddos. For those of you who prefer longer/detailed posts…I’ll try to get one up soon!



One thought on “Shutupdate #3

  1. That is the cutest ice cream truck! And I love all those sweets (obviously). Also can we talk about how I didn’t know you had an Instagram!? What is your handle because I need to follow!
    Feel better soon!!!!

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