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Shutupdate #1

Whatup, 2016?

I’ve heard a couple of things from numerous people about my blog multiple times:

  1. My posts are soooooooooo long!
  2. I don’t update enough! Why don’t I update more?!

Therefore, today I’m introducing a new type of post that  I’m dubbing the “shutupdate,” in which I scribble down whatever boring goings-on are occurring in my life in preferably 500 words or less. They also probably won’t have pictures, unless they’re crappy phone pictures comme ça:



Don’t worry. I’ll still write long, rambling posts whenever I do or see something actually kind of cool. But now on to shutupdate #1:

Went home for Christmas–it was far too amazing, and I was really torn up about coming back. The past few days haven’t been particularly easy and between an awful cold, jetlag, and ALL THE EMOTIONS I’ve been a hot mess. But today I finally went to the gym, bought real groceries (no lies, been living off of eggs and oranges), and had a particularly long shower, so I might make it in the end.

My return late Sunday night was followed by work Monday afternoon for student registration, which is a lot of hurry up and wait for 4.5 hours a day. I did get to see lots of my students as they came in though, which was nice, especially since quite a few wanted me to teach them again. Others were rather crushed by their failing grades. Sorry guys, no study=no pass.

I’ve noticed a few mild changes since I left, such as TVs spewing constant presidential propaganda in one of my metro stops, a bit of a re-design at my Gold’s Gym where everything freaking moved around, and an overall quieter atmosphere in Cairo. Perhaps the colder weather has driven people inside, but frankly I thought today felt great–68 F and sunny with a breeze. Yes please.

Finally, as a quick hat-tip to us now being in 2016, I’m going to try to do less time-wasting this semester. I was given some amazingly thoughtful gifts for Christmas, so I’m going to try and put them to use with reading, studying, mobilizing, and perhaps even some improvements in my photography…stay tuned!

This concludes a somewhat more reasonably-long post. Trial success?


5 thoughts on “Shutupdate #1

  1. First of all… love the title of this post. Second, I hope you put that Kindle to good use and read lots and lots of NON textbook type of books. Third, COME BACK HOME I DIDN’T GET TO SEE YOU 😦

  2. It was too short, but I have also been told to quit “creeping” on your posts. Must be an age thing where folks over 50 living vicariously through the younger generations, lack the social media skills to know when to stop “creeping”.

  3. Love hearing back from you, and I’m glad you had a good time home! Sad I missed you (traveled pretty much all of break then back up to Muncie for the rest of pediatrics) but hopefully our paths cross soon!
    ❤ ❤

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