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La fin de Paris et un “Guest Blog” (with travel tips!)


View out my window on a beautiful evening in my last few days of Paris.

One week ago today I touched down in Indianapolis.

It already feels like an absolute lifetime ago.

I’ve a had week of catching up with friends, lazily reading for hours on end, sad attempts at organizing my disaster of a room (filled with boxes and bags from moving in and out over the last few years) and multi-hour job searches on the internet. I almost couldn’t be further away from the crowded streets of Paris full of traffic, noise, buskers, and tourists.


I can tell I’m still in a Parisian mindset by the fact that my average-sized room here feels enormous compared to my cramped Paris “apartment”. I can tell because I’m still surprised that it’s SO QUIET at night when I go to sleep. I can tell because people at the grocery store bag my items for me, and it feels luxurious. I can tell because I don’t have the choice to go for a walk at any time of day and pass centuries-old monuments and museums. I can tell because the grocery store has more than 1-3 brands of almost any product…but the cheese and sausage selections are slightly disappointing.

Coming home this time around has been far easier than any other experience I’ve had, but I think that’s largely due to the general similarity of life in France and the USA. Both being relatively wealthy westernized countries, the things that differ the most are cultural bits and ends. I am thrilled to be home, and yet I’m sure soon I will start to feel pangs of longing for my favorite Paris haunts and eats. Such is the life of those with wanderlust, non?

One last, warm-hued glance down my street.

One last, warm-hued glance down my street.

Dear readers, fear not–my blogging days here are not yet over. I fully intend to ACTUALLY WRITE about all of those Throwback Thursdays and those adventures in France I hadn’t quite gotten to yet before leaving. So there will continue to be updates from my end of things for quite some time!

In any case, today’s REAL post is actually on a bit of a different note–I’ve guestblogged again with my friend Chesson over at A Southern Twenty Five, and I’ve created a list of travel tips for her (well, really for you!) to take a look at before going abroad.

You can read more about it and see some lovely final Parisian views here.

Until next time, mes amis.


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