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Weekend Wrap-Up and some photoshop fun!


Thought I’d squeeze another wee post in (see how the Britishisms rub off on you?) before the busy week got started. Last week was shockingly delightful-I was expecting to be a jetlagged grouch with unwilling students coming back from break all week long, but au contraire, while I was/am indeed very tired, most of my classes were just stellar and thus I was in a fantastic mood. One of the classes I had on Thursday had been off on internships for months and so I hadn’t seen them since October, and they were so excited to have class again they all groaned when the bell rang to end class. The next day my one class had about 5 students, all of whom were willing to stay an extra half hour after class ended voluntarily to continue our discussions of current American controversies.

Now if that doesn’t make you feel good about your teaching, nothing will. 🙂 (Yeah, yeah, has nothing to do with my teaching skills really, more to do with enthusiastic students, but I’ll take it!)

The weekend hasn’t been too eventful, but fun enough. Went for a stroll through Le Parc Monceau with a friend of mine on Friday (photos will pop up in another post or at a later point in time, haven’t edited them yet) and we then proceeded to amble aimlessly through Paris until we decided it was time for a coffee…and stumbled upon a fantastic hole-in-the-wall that was tiny, cozy, and filled with French speakers who all seemed to know both each other and the barman. We ended up chatting for quite a few hours, and ended up returning Saturday night with a chunk of the rest of our crew for another visit. This place has by far some of the lowest prices (actually, THE lowest) I’ve seen in Paris yet and a great atmosphere, so you can bet I’ll be returning. And when I do, I’ll take some photos and, er, actually take a look at what the name is. Following that, we walked a street or two over to our normal area in Montmartre and into another tiny bar we are fond of–again, another post will be coming with photos and information about these places and other eateries soon, I promise–and we proceeded to experiment with all of the weird sounding drinks on the menu. I had a particularly comical moment when I tried to order my oddly-named drink from a waiter who couldn’t hear me over the din:

Becky: I’ll have a “go to hell” please.
Waiter: *Moves closer because he doesn’t understand* What?
Waiter: Which one?!

We all laughed and thought he was being hysterical, but then we realized he had thought I said “I’ll have a cocktail” and he was genuinely asking which, but then we all had a good laugh about that too. Quite a funny guy, and when he later needed our table as we were clearly not ordering again and there was a host of Parisians trying to squeeze into the tiny place he gave us all free shots in exchange for our seating. We cheerfully left, and thus they have retained our business. Good skills, sir.

Today was much quieter–I went to my crossfit gym in the morning (barely able to drag myself out of bed, I really need to reset my sleeping schedule) and returned for an afternoon of relaxation. Finally got around to watching The Last King of Scotland, which had me cringing the entire time because of all the crazy and the poor judgement, and also spent a few hours playing around with photoshop trying to master “tilt-shift” photography–or rather the effect, since I photoshopped it–which I have always adored. When done correctly it takes a real scene and makes it look like some tiny toy landscape. My efforts had some degree of success, but still lots of room for improvement and there are things about each one that bug me, but I’m not sure how to fix them just yet. I’ll get there, I suppose. In retrospect, this is a completely dull post for everyone to read and I’m really only writing it for the excuse of putting up these photos I did like some 5 year old who wants her parents to hang her art class crayon drawings on the refrigerator. So without further ado…here’s how I spend my weekends locked up in my room!

Looking down on the city of Cajamarca, Peru

Looking down on the city of Cajamarca, Peru

View from the Eiffel Tower.

View from the Eiffel Tower.

View of Ulm/Neu Ulm, Germany, from the Münster Church Steeple.

View of Ulm/Neu Ulm, Germany, from the Münster Church Steeple.

Hohenschwangau Castle, Füssen, Germany. Not the best example, but still a pretty whatevs. ;)

Hohenschwangau Castle, Füssen, Germany. Not the best example, but still a pretty photo…so whatevs. 😉

Close up of the soccer stadium in Cajamarca, Peru, with players practicing.

Close up of the soccer stadium in Cajamarca, Peru, with players practicing.

Well, ought to actually get some work done for the week to come. Cheers everyone!


(PS: To anyone interested, I followed the instructions on the following website to learn how to create the tilt-shift effect, it’s a dead useful set of instructions for beginners. )

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