Did I mention…hiatus?

Right, so clearly I’ve been MIA for, eh, a week or so now (or has it been longer? whoops…) and as I’m sure most people could probably string together, it has indeed been because of those wonderful winter holidays. After shuffling through one last week of a few classes in France and any last minute shopping I could actually accomplish, I caught a flight across the Atlantic, got stuck in Newark airport for what seemed like the LONGEST 12 hours ever thanks to a never-ending supply of delays, and eventually made it back home, sweet home.

I have since been indulging in the finer things Indiana has to offer, namely family, friends, pets, and a wonderful fireplace just begging for me to read a book alongside it. (Actually I’ve spent more time reading since coming home than just about anything else, I’ve barely even opened my laptop since Saturday.) My jetlag has been slowing me down a bit, I got particularly thrown off because of my horrendous travel schedule on Saturday so I’ve missed a few outings with friends I really wanted to attend, but hopefully I’ll make it up in the next week or so before it’s time to head back to France.

In any case, the point of this post was to OFFICIALLY notify everyone that I’m on hiatus for a bit while I soak up home and vacation to the max, but that I shall return soon. (Possibly even next week before returning to Paris if I feel the urge, you never know!) Until then, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and has a wonderful New Year’s Eve next week!


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