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Tick…tock. Tick, tock. Ticktockticktockticktock.

That incredibly elegant title is actually a pretty good summary of how I feel things have been going in the last few weeks. Very slow, relaxed, and a very, very nice reward for four years of hard work.  However, as the title notes, things are speeding up. Flying by, actually, and suddenly I find myself scrambling to try to get all of those things finished that I had planned on finishing (or even STARTING) weeks and weeks ago.

I’m always terrible with pre-departure scheduling, planning, etc. In fact it usually doesn’t hit me that I’m actually going away until I am in the airport or sometimes even IN another country, freshly landed and horrifyingly groggy from cross-Atlantic flights and layovers. Same story this time. I feel ever so relaxed until I start flipping through emails and to-do lists I’ve stuffed away, trying to pretend they don’t exist. And then I get that crushing weight in my chest that tells me just how much of a slacker I’ve been for not studying up or for planning out things ahead of time (shockingly, when it comes to school or work I’m actually really good at that) and then there’s always that sad feeling that I have to say goodbye to umpteen thousand people I adore before I head off again. Luckily this time will only be for six weeks, and everyone who hasn’t already left for new jobs, schools, etc will still be around when I get home in early August. So that helps.

While the practical thing to do about all this would be to go actually DO something about it, my gut reaction is to have a small conniption and go write about it on this blog. (Because obviously anyone reading this wants to share my panic.)  I should be sending a few (but vital) emails, packing  (or planning what to pack), studying, editing photos so I can finally get them off my laptop, or hey, even finishing my move out of my apartment at school.  Instead, today I baked a cherry almond pie for father’s day, took care of my dog, watched far too much Say Yes to the Dress, and, as my true nerdy self, played a fun MMORPG app on my iPhone. (Celtic Heroes–anyone? Anyone? Don’t judge kids, it’s awesome.)


Yeah, in case anyone missed it, I sort of bring this whole “stress” deal upon myself. Ah well, old habits die hard.



Four days until blast-off.

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