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Becky and the Terrible, Horrible,No-Good, Very Bad Day(s)

Did anyone else ever read the children’s book  called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day? Or something along those lines?  It was about a boy named Alexander (if my memory serves) with red hair and a grumpy expression, who had a series of unfortunate events happen to him all in one day and griped about it for several pages. I think he frequently made a reference of “I’d rather move to Australia!” Or something like that. (It’s been a while, I could be totally wrong. I also could probably Google this in about 2 seconds flat and know for sure…but where’s the fun in that?)

In any case, today, I sympathize with that whiney little redhead. Actually, if we look closer at that last sentence, I’m about to BECOME that whiney little redhead.

It had to happen eventually, guys. No matter where you are in the world, once in a while you’re going to have what can only be summed up as a really crappy day. Today Yesterday was the first of those days in Peru…I am hoping not to experience too many more.


I actually had like a whole other half of this post written out last night about what all made yesterday suck so much, though wasn’t nearly done, when I fell asleep. Today I woke up feeling better and wasn’t sure if I wanted to still post it or not. Then the rest of today happened and, let me tell you, it ALSO sucked. In a different, yet equally-as-sucky kind of way. And now I’m just too tired of life to really bother finishing either description.

So we’ll do a brief summary:

-Millions of issues making reservations for this a trip I’m hoping to take this weekend.

-Late to class.

-Managed to fairly seriously upset/offend my host mom. Unintentionally, of course, but it happened, which then made me feel too guilty (like really, REALLY guilty, I don’t like upsetting people…) to try to ask her about changing an aspect of our living situation that has been bothering me, and now I’ve lost my chance for another month.

Literally failed that test I was freaking out about…never in my life have I failed a test in retrospect, that’s not true. But I have never failed one so badly nor one that didn’t have some manner of making-up for the fail/extra-credit/class curve. So, worst grade in the history of my entire academic career, by far. I didn’t think I did GREAT, but failing was NOT what I expected.

-Hundreds of pages of reading to do in the next few weeks + exams, resulting in stress and on top of that inability to travel next weekend when I have another extra day off.

Feeling quite calm and not too bothered about all of this at the moment because…well…I’m not one to wallow, I tend to suck it up and adapt. However, at the individual times of all of these events I was rather down. So, just let it be known…this has not been my week.

Apologies for the whining and lack of pictures, I hope all of you are having a much better time of it in your various parts of the world. Off to do some traveling tomorrow, so you won’t hear from me for a few days (most likely) and hopefully when I come back I’ll be loaded with pictures of amazing new places and fun stories! 🙂


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