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Hey, team!

This is going to be a relatively quick post with a house-keeping agenda…why? Because I want to take a moment to say… *drumroll please*


My wee little corner of the web here, created partially for friends and family but mostly for my own amusement and ramblings, seems to be having a series of miniature successes. Firstly, earlier this week I hit 1,500 views to my blog. Now, I realize that compared to even your average-joe recipe or photography blog, this number is MINISCULE. However, when you stop and consider what I write about, and who I really thought would be reading this (about 5-10 people, tops), that number seems incredibly huge! So I would just like to say thank you to all who check in on me and my adventures from time to time. 🙂

Love. This is what I feel for all of you.

The second order of business is that I have had my own personal little taste of success…I managed to get a submission accepted to the gallery of Tastespotting! For those of you who don’t know, I religiously follow Tastespotting and Foodgawker, due to my irrepressible love of food. These websites feature food-related photos submitted from bloggers all around the world, and it is EXTREMELY hard to get a photo accepted. I’ve been trying for weeks with no success with various photos. (Apparently, I have issues with the composition in my photos always being “too tight”. Wish I knew what they meant by that so I could fix it…) Anyway, the photo that got accepted I think was actually originally rejected, but sometimes during a drought of good photos they go back and re-evaluate…and luckily, my sub-par drink photo made the cut. Even though my photography skills are nowhere near what I’d like them to be, and are terrible compared to the food-photography professionals out there, I’m still passionate about that hobby so this completely made my day. 🙂

Third and finally, this is ridiculously delayed, but a couple of weeks ago my blog was nominated for an informal, personal little award called the “One Lovely Blog Award” by Serena over at Dear Food Baby. (Love that name, right?) This blog is essentially the Australian equivalent of my food review posts and makes me want to hop a plane to Sydney, stat, to go check out some of the great bars/pub-food she’s reviewed! It’s not like this award is from Mashable or anything, but the fact that someone I’ve never even met from across the planet takes the time to poke around here and let me know they like my blog means a lot. 🙂 As part of this blog award, there’s a little survey to fill out, so that’s what I shall do for the remainder of this post. Once again, thank you to everyone who reads, comments, or “likes” this blog, whether it be every day or just once in a blue moon. I’d keep updating this thing regardless, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to know I’m not just shooting out words into empty cyberspace!

One Lovely Blog Award

Share 7 random facts about yourself:

  1. When I was in high school, I played rugby. Now, whenever I meet people who know what rugby is and tell them that, most of them either burst out laughing or ask if I’m serious.
  2.  I really, really dislike pickles.
  3.  When I was growing up, I LOVED to write. Fiction, mostly. I was pretty determined I was going to be the next J.K. Rowling or Louisa May Alcott for a long, long time…and then I realized being an author is not a recommended day job.
  4. One thing that will CONSISTENTLY ruin my day is when I make muffins, go to take off the wrapper, and half of the muffin comes off with it. I kid you not, I genuinely get really, REALLY angry when this happens and cannot get back into a happy mood. This is particularly bizarre because almost nothing in life actually pisses me off…but a messed up muffin? Worst. Thing. Ever. I’m serious. I wish I weren’t serious, but I am. I’m getting angry just thinking about it. (What is WRONG with me!?)
  5. I love French cinema. And just listening to French in general…my own pronunciation is quite awful, but I do so love the way it sounds when natives speak it!
  6. I’ve been riding horses since I was 6 years old. (American Saddlebreds/Saddleseat… anyone, anyone?)
  7. I think I spent half of my childhood playing the Sims. And probably half of my money. (No, just kidding, ALL of my money.)

Nominate 15 Other Bloggers for this award and leave them a comment notifying them of this nomination:

Oh jeez. 15 is a lot, and I am lazy/have homework. So we’re going to cap it at 3 and call it a day, mmk? (Don’t look at me like that. I know 3 is only 1/5 of the required amount. But all of the blogs I follow tend to already be rather well-known, and I’d like to take the opportunity to give some spotlight to deserving underdogs!)

  1.  Morningside Bites– I actually know one of the Co-owners of this blog personally from my last semester studying abroad in Jordan.  This blog explores the good eats of New York City through the eyes, mouths, and wallets of two college students…and I have to say, there are some pretty delicious looking street-food mentions in there that make me want to immediately pick up and relocate to the Big Apple!
  2. Damn Delicious-The first time I stumbled onto this blog, I literally perused the archives for HOURS and bookmarked at least half a dozen recipes. Everything here is sinfully tasty-looking, with a whole lot of comfort foods and delectable looking desserts. Gotta love it.
  3. London Red-This beautifully designed blog features very delicate photography of various travels, eats, memories, etc, with a very nostalgic atmosphere. I love flipping through the photo-centered posts and imagining that it is, in fact, my life being captured. 🙂

And that’s the end for tonight.

3 thoughts on “Blog Things

  1. who even knew there were blog awards? …not this girl. but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You deserve lots of attention and awards and for real, I check for blog updates from you like every day. One very loyal follower here. And this furthers my notion that you should become a famous foodie writer!

  2. ألاف شكر يا بكي
    I keep meaning to cross post to the pictures of the amazing-looking foods you put up here, but it would make my terrible camera-photography feel bad about itself. Kidding! (Although not about the contrast of picture quality.) It’s mostly because I wanted to check with you first, then I get busy and forget.

  3. Haha feel free to use any pictures you like! Just link back somewhere in the post and all is groovy. 🙂 PS I literally use your blog to fulfill the huge hole in my life left by the fact that my host mom here does not buy/eat cheese…living vicariously through your gooey, melty adventures!

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