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(If I haven’t mentioned this yet, click on any of the pictures in my posts if you’d like to see larger versions.)

So, yesterday and today were my orientation days at PUCP.  Got up and left a little over an hour early because I knew the university was decently far + unknown traffic + unknown building location, which actually ended up being the perfect amount of time. Yes, it takes me a little over an hour to get to & from the university.  Mostly this has to do with traffic, but also because I walk a ways to get to a place where I know for sure I can find the right bus, and get off on the same street coming home. Fairly sure there are probably stops a little closer to me, but until I get some positive feedback on that I’ll still with a nice crisp walk or two every day. Oh, also about a 5-10 minute walk when I get OFF the bus near the university.

Anyway, made it there on time, essentially.  The first hour+ of orientation was sort of a typical take-a-packet, sign-in, get-your-id-photo-taken, etc, plus a general introduction to the campus. For that particular time I found myself sitting near a German, a Spaniard, and a Dane. Most intriguing. After that we were given a quick tour of campus, or really what relates to our studies on campus, and then we were ushered to an auditorium to be introduced to our language partners.  We then had a 3 hour break before a safety lecture.

Alas, my partner was running late that morning, and due to his location it takes him TWO hours to get to the university…so, that was unfortunate. Actually I feel really bad, because by the time he got there, we only had like 30 minutes left in the day and then he had to turn around & go back home.  This meant that during those nice long 3 hours I was free to, er, wander?  Not wanting to be the lost puppy who will just follow everyone else’s group/partners around, I luckily resorted to playing tourist on campus with my camera, and explored over to the science-y side I hadn’t seen yet.

Love the colors!

Close up of one of the large flowers bordering the sidewalks…and this in the middle of winter!

Initially upon walking in the paved-parking-lot-esque front, I thought the place LITERALLY looked like a prison.  Beyond that row of buildings though, the campus is extremely environmentally conscious with green spaces, bright flowers, and various types of recycling bins everywhere.  There are also some very peculiar inhabitants of the school…

So cuuute

Alas, most of my pictures were a bit far off. Google them to see how adorable they are up close! 🙂

Called venados, these adorable little deer pretty much just roam around eating grass & any other vegetation set out for them.  They’re tame, but you’re not supposed to feed them, and they don’t USUALLY approach people. Today, however, I was made exception to that. Since classes haven’t started yet and it was earlier in the morning, whilst I was drinking some papaya juice out of a cup on a bench, one of the venados started wandering my way, looking for a better part of the grass.  It seemed to catch wind of my sweet papaya juice, because it slowly wandered over and put it’s nose right in my lap sniffing my cup, and then attempted to lick it. Since I know you’re not supposed to feed them and didn’t want to be responsible for the death of a campus mascot, I moved the cup a bit out of reach, and the venado them proceeded to lick my knees. Well, jeans. Anyway, I even got to pet it a little before it realized what I was doing, and overall it was a very magical, Disney-Princess worthy moment. If only I had the camera with me today!

Anyway, that security seminar we had as part of our orientation put me in a right bit of lip-chewing nerves for the rest of the day. Obviously, very important information and I’ve been through several seminars like these at other universities, but I always assume they’re telling you to be smart but giving you worst possible examples…except during this particular session, all of the native Peruvians were nodding their head and whispering agreements with pretty much everything that was said, validating pretty much all of it. So, now that I’m aware of the 20394 different ways to be robbed, kidnapped, raped, rufied, and how to survive earthquakes…

…But really, who cares about earthquakes when the trees have such vibrant flowers?!

Today was a different sort of orientation where, really, we just PRE-pre signed up for classes that we’re interested in and went around to get information about them to help us fill out schedules. Next week we can go to many classes and test them out…my list for that is looking upsettingly long, mostly because some of my top classes are already almost filled, so I want to be sure I like my backups as well, since they will most likely end up BEING courses.

Oh, also, they don’t have an electronic/internet system to register for classes here. So come 6 AM on the 27th, I’m gonna hopefully be on a bus to campus to get in line and register the old fashioned way before my classes all fill up.

Mmk, enough rambling for now!

One thought on “Orientation

  1. So jealous of your disney princess status, must be the hair – because we all know how well you sing….hahaha or maybe it was the juice. I know I’d lick your knees for some juice 🙂

    and please don’t get robbed, kidnapped, raped, rufied or killed in an earthquake! i’d be very sad that the one disney princess i knew in real life died in Peru. That will not make me a best selling author…I don’t think. Hmmm may have to consider that.

    Seems like you’re having a great time! Love the posts, you’re not rambling at all. and yes to the food blog aspect. I love it. Reminds me of being in London and learning all of the food name differences and such.

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