That Awkward Moment When…you feel the need to explain why you’re writing a blog.

So, here’s a quick and dirty introduction to this blog.

I spent last semester studying in an intensive Arabic program in Amman, Jordan.  It was 200 kinds of awesome, and I miss it and the people I met there every day.  I took about 5,000 pictures while I was there (no, not joking, although many got deleted for poor quality and whatnot), so I have things well documented.  However, as the semester went on, I kinda wished that I were writing a blog, as a lot of the other students were. It makes things a lot easier in terms of keeping friends at home updated, as well as providing a nice way to look back on things.

In this upcoming semester (leaving in about 3 weeks), I will be venturing abroad again.  This time I’m headed in quite a different direction, though.  I’ll be moving to Lima, Peru, for the fall of 2012 and I’m pretty pumped.  I’m really wanting to perfect my Spanish while I’m there, but none of my classes will actually be specifically about the Spanish language–they’ll just all be taught in Spanish and I’ll muddle along as best I can. (Four+ months of speaking, reading, and attempting to think solely in Arabic have kind of deteriorated my once-fairly-decent Spanish skills.)  Like my semester in Jordan, I will be living with a host family and will have a language partner to help me along the way.

I’m hoping to take some of the mistakes I made in Jordan and use them to take better advantage of this study abroad opportunity (such as seeing my language partner much more, keeping a more solid relationship with my host family, etc), and also to see as much of Peru as I possibly can while I’m there, keeping good grades up, trying not to forget the beloved Arabic I worked so hard to learn, and, as an added headache, I’m probably going to be conducting research for a senior thesis paper in anthropology while I’m there.

So, as you can see, it’s going to be a loaded semester.  Wish me luck, because I’m going to need it.

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